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How to Write a Knock Out Cover Letter

Your covering letter is your first point of contact with your potential employer. It’s purpose is to give the readers a hint of your experience and education and encourage them to actually open your CV.
Below we summarize some key tips that will help you to write a knock out cover letter, that makes you distinctive.

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New reality in recruitment

Agency recruiters who want to prosper need to recognize a new reality in recruitment and pursue it. Our clients will not pay if they screen job candidates that they can already get from traditional sources, such as job boards. Actually, we are bound to fail if our recruitment business relies on candidates making proactive applications. This means that we only have candidates that other people have, too.

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How to get good candidates

Some time ago newspapers all over the world were full of ads offering different jobs and it was really difficult to stand out from the crowd, and have a jobseeker notice your ad. Recruiters had to struggle over the good position on the page, spend hours on writing captivating headlines and of course, spend lots of money.
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