About Quest Personnel

We are a privately owned recruitment agency with a long history of successfully placing the right candidate in the right position. Managing Director Lorraine Tribe founded Quest Personnel in 1987.

Since then, we have come a long way in the recruitment world, gaining significant experience throughout this journey and building long term relationships with our clients.

Here at Quest Personnel, we truly believe that great employees make a great business. Our consultants are more than just recruiters. They are excellent listeners, community builders, and skilled researchers.

With over 25 years of experience in the recruiting industry, Quest has streamlined the process for filling your hiring requirements. We source candidates from a variety of areas including advertising, online, referrals, as well as head hunting. Quest understands how to refine our marketing to tap into relevant target groups of candidates. 

This is a key skill honed over years of experience and one that is absent from many recruitment agencies that suffer from high consultant turnover.

We offer a full range of interpreting services for both public and private sector clients. With our current active database of over 5,000 interpreters nationally, the service we provide will be individually tailored to suit your needs